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Zanzibar Beach holiday, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a tropical paradise just off the coast from Dar es Salaam. Let us arrange for you a relaxing beach vacation on the Isle of Spice. Zanzibar beach the endless blue skies, stunning white sands beaches framed by whispering palm fronds.

Dancing to an African drum beat long into the night. Cool water and hot sun on your skin. The bustle of the bazaars and the exquisite architecture of Stone town. Your memories of Zanzibar will last a lifetime.

Today, Stone Town is as much of an attraction to visitors as Zanzibar’s beaches, world-renowned for their idyllic seascapes and island charm. Guests have their pick of beaches famed for their temperate climate and soothing waters. Tanzanian fishing villages, snorkelling, diving, or just beachcombing offer perfect choices of relaxing.

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Best Season:January to mid-March and June to December.
Popular Location: Tanzania Zanzibar

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Beach Holiday in Zanzibar