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 Mount Kilimanjaro

is a "once in a lifetime" experience for most people,

so it is vital that proper preparations are made beforehand. With superior information and sufficient time to prepare, you stand an extremely good chance of reaching the summit.  East Africa Travel Company provides guided/porter treks up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

"Mt Kilimanjaro" is very special

for many reasons:

"Mount Kilimanjaro" is best known as the highest mountain in Africa. However, it also is both the largest and tallest freestanding mountain in the world and the very top is the closest place on the entire earth to the sun! This is due to its location-- only 200 miles or 5 degrees below the Equator. But what truly separates "Kili" from the "Big Seven," the highest peaks on each of the seven continents, is its popularity with climbers.

At 19, At 19,710 feet (5895m)

the biggest challenge is AMS--Acute

Mountain Sickness or commonly referred to as simply Altitude Sickness. Anyone over the age of 10 can hike to the summit so long as they are in reasonably good physical shape. Because it is a non-technical climb, it has become an "in thing" for people in their 80's from all parts of the world to put their physical fitness to the test. Currently, 15,000 climbers a year attempt to summit Mt. Kili with only 1 in 10 successful. Usually coming from a much lower altitude, acclimatizing at MKVL at 9,600 ' for a couple days before a climb increases ones odds of reaching the top without incurring altitude sickness.

The Park authorities require

that all trekkers arrange their walk through a licensed agency

and that they are accompanied throughout their walk by a guide. Our experienced guides know the different routes and their level of difficulty to assist you in making the right choice---five or six-day program to reach the summit or a weekend trip to a "half-way" point? Stay in huts along the way or camp in tents are some of the decisions that have to be made in advance? Questions like what to bring you the best value, weather conditions, and costs can be answered. You can climb Mount Kilimanjaro through different approved routes ranging from Marangu, Umbwe, Machame, Rongai to the Lemosho route.

The East Africa Travel Company can conveniently arrange everything:

1) Make Park Reservations and pay required permit fees.

2) Assemble a highly qualified guide/porter team, which sometimes includes a cook.

3) Make certain you have all the necessary medical and climbing gear.

4) Provide transportation to and from the Marangu Gate or any of the other designated routes.

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Best Season:January to mid-March and June to December.
Popular Location: Tanzania, Kilimanjaro


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6 Days Machame Route

9 Days

6 Days Machame route is known as the “whiskey route” to compare to Marangu’s “coca cola route” and does now not have sleeping huts for accommodation. Machame is the second most famous route of the mountain.  6 Days Machame Route…

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Kilimanjaro Climb Marangu route - 5 days Trek | East Africa
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5 Days Marangu Route

8 Days

5 Days Marangu Route is also known as the “Tourist Route” and the “Coca-Cola Route.”This is because Marangu is the most popular route on the mountain, and thus is considered “touristy”, and because the route is the only one that…

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Mt Kilimanjaro 7 Days Rongai Route
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Rongai Route 7 Days

7 Hours

Rongai Route 7 Days Rongai Route 7 Days is close to the Kenyan border. The Rongai ascent profile could be very just like that of Marangu. Its miles considered one of Kilimanjaro’s less complicated routes. The climb to the top…

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Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu
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6 Days Marangu Route

9 Days

6 Days Marangu Route how long does it take to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, The Marangu Route is also known as the “Tourist Route” and the “Coca-Cola Route.” This is because Marangu is the most popular route on the mountain, and…

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