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The Park starts in a rain forest environment fill with lots of exciting things to see. You will see some small water falls, some simple wildlife like small tree monkeys and listen to the songs of many exotic birds.

Heading to Mandara Camp, about 7.9 km, we will sign in and rest as we enjoy lunch boxed meals.



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Mount Kilimanjaro Day Trip 


 From Kilimanjaro is a day tour for those who wish to get a taste of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

without getting to the summit.
8:00am we leave from Moshi town towards Marangu gate. Every person will carry their own lunch box provided by your tour guide and snacks that you have decided to purchase and take along your hike.
After your tour guide fills in proper paper work, you will start your hike into Kilimanjaro National Park area.


 Mount Kilimanjaro Day Trip From Kilimanjaro
From this we will descend the mountain and hear all the bird singing “Karibu Tena”, welcome again.
You will return back to Moshi town and we will say good bye and welcome again from there.


 Mount Kilimanjaro Day Trip From Kilimanjaro 1
After wards we will be ready to go again and our next destination is Maundi crater, roughly 20 minutes away. The view is beautiful with awesome scenery, beautiful flowers and a wondrous volcano. The area around this part is covered with tall grasses only found here. Spending some time enjoying this area with great views of Kibo and Mawenzi peaks that would better none other.


 Mount Kilimanjaro Day Trip From Kilimanjaro 2

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Activity Costs Total

Public transport rental: $5


Private rental can be shared by up to 4 people


Service and Tour Guide  : $30


Lunch box: $ 5 + your tour guide $5

Mt Kilimanjaro park fee fee: $82.6


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