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Sunday, 21 January 1900 00:00

You will leave Moshi town 9:00am and it take roughly 50 minutes to arrive at the waterfalls visitor center. After checking in, we will hike for less then 5 minutes to the falls. We will rest and enjoy a short history talk about the falls and walk through the short Chagga history display. The Chaggas are the main tribe of Kilimanjaro.


Then we will hike to the bottom of the falls where some may enjoy a refreshing swim. Remember this water runs from glacier on top the mountain and tends to be brisk. Full of memories and fun times. You can enjoy your lunch at the waterfalls.


For some who would like to explore there are trails around, be sure to see the statue of the lady on top the waterfall and the statue of the leopard that chased her off. The leopard is hidden a bit and many will miss it, so you will have to hunt a little to find it.


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Kinukamori Waterfall - Local Marangu Adventures

Chagga legend tells that a long time ago a young Chagga woman found herself pregnant outside of wedlock.

She decided to kill herself by jumping from the top of the waterfall.
 After contemplating on top she changed her mind. However, just as she was turning around to leave, a leopard approached her from behind. He jumped and pushed her down the fall into her death.

 Kinukamori Waterfall - Local Marangu Adventures
Visit this beautiful falls, just short distance from town. These falls are rich in culture and history.

 Kinukamori Waterfall - Local Marangu Adventures 1

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