Marangu Route: The Ultimate 6-Day Guide to Climbing Kilimanjaro

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Introduction to the Marangu Route

The Marangu Route, also known as the “Coca-Cola” route, is renowned for its well-established path and comfortable accommodations. It is one of the most popular routes for climbers aiming to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. This guide provides a detailed, day-by-day itinerary for a successful and enjoyable 6-day climb.

Day 1: Arrival in Moshi and Preparation

Arrival and Briefing

Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will be transferred to your hotel in Moshi. This vibrant town serves as the gateway to Kilimanjaro. Here, you will meet your experienced guides for a comprehensive briefing on the climb ahead.

Key Preparations

  • Equipment Check: Ensure you have all necessary gear, including warm clothing, sturdy hiking boots, and trekking poles.
  • Health Check: Verify that you are in good health and ready for high-altitude trekking.
  • Permits and Fees: Your guides will handle all required permits and park fees.

Day 2: Marangu Gate to Mandara Hut

Route Overview

  • Starting Point: Marangu Gate (1,870 meters)
  • Ending Point: Mandara Hut (2,700 meters)
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Duration: 5-7 hours

Detailed Journey

The adventure begins with a drive to Marangu Gate, where you will register and commence the trek. The trail meanders through lush rainforest, offering sightings of colobus monkeys and exotic birds. The path is well-maintained, leading to Mandara Hut, where you will spend your first night.

Day 3: Mandara Hut to Horombo Hut

Route Overview

  • Starting Point: Mandara Hut (2,700 meters)
  • Ending Point: Horombo Hut (3,720 meters)
  • Distance: 12 km
  • Duration: 6-8 hours

Detailed Journey

Leaving the rainforest behind, you enter the moorland zone, characterized by giant lobelias and groundsels. The trail is open and expansive, providing stunning views of Kibo and Mawenzi peaks. Horombo Hut, your second stop, offers breathtaking vistas and a comfortable rest.

Day 4: Acclimatization Day at Horombo Hut

Importance of Acclimatization

An extra day at Horombo Hut is crucial for acclimatization. This day helps your body adjust to the altitude, increasing your chances of reaching the summit without experiencing severe altitude sickness.

Optional Acclimatization Hike

Consider a hike to Zebra Rocks (4,000 meters), a striking formation known for its black and white stripes. This hike aids in acclimatization and offers spectacular views.

Day 5: Horombo Hut to Kibo Hut

Route Overview

  • Starting Point: Horombo Hut (3,720 meters)
  • Ending Point: Kibo Hut (4,700 meters)
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Duration: 6-8 hours

Detailed Journey

The trail to Kibo Hut traverses the Alpine desert, a stark and rugged landscape. The path is steeper and the air thinner, so it’s important to maintain a steady pace. Upon reaching Kibo Hut, you’ll prepare for the final ascent. Ensure your gear is ready for the cold, nighttime climb.

Day 6: Summit Day – Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak, Descent to Horombo Hut

Route Overview

  • Starting Point: Kibo Hut (4,700 meters)
  • Summit: Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters)
  • Ending Point: Horombo Hut (3,720 meters)
  • Distance: 22 km (ascent 6 km, descent 16 km)
  • Duration: 12-16 hours

Detailed Journey

The summit attempt begins around midnight. The climb is strenuous, with scree and ice making the trail challenging. The first major landmark is Gilman’s Point (5,685 meters), followed by the final push to Uhuru Peak. Witnessing the sunrise from the highest point in Africa is an unforgettable experience.

After a short celebration and photo session at the summit, you’ll descend to Kibo Hut for a brief rest before continuing down to Horombo Hut. The descent is demanding but faster. Stay hydrated and take breaks as needed.

Day 7: Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate

Route Overview

  • Starting Point: Horombo Hut (3,720 meters)
  • Ending Point: Marangu Gate (1,870 meters)
  • Distance: 20 km
  • Duration: 6-8 hours

Detailed Journey

The final descent retraces your steps through the moorland and rainforest zones. Upon reaching Marangu Gate, you’ll sign out and receive your summit certificate. A vehicle will transfer you back to Moshi, where you can celebrate your achievement with a well-deserved meal and rest.


The Marangu Route offers a unique and memorable journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro. With its well-established path and hut accommodations, it provides a relatively comfortable climb. Following this detailed 6-day itinerary ensures proper acclimatization and maximizes your chances of reaching Uhuru Peak.