After you take a tour or visit Africa, please share your experience and give your advice to new adventurers.

There is a common misconception that you need to be an athlete to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This is simply not true. In fact, many fit people struggle to reach the summit because they exert themselves too much during the early stages of the trek; and therefore, don’t give themselves enough time to acclimatize during the ascent. We will help you prepare for your climb according to your physical abilities.*

Please Advise “My second attempt & second success to Kilimanjaro”  by Jokela / Sweden.

On Jan/16 and Jan/17, our guide John & his team from East Africa Travel made my trek fun and comfortable once again. I promised I would return. My next goal will be the Umbwe route!  Advise: take spare clothes because you will get very dusty and want to change when you’re done for the day. Also renting the toilet was the best $150 I have ever spent.

Advise: our hydration hoses froze on summit night despite our best efforts, so be prepared with an insulated bottle (although the guides shared theirs with us). Consider taking medication beforehand, your climb will be more enjoyable.

Also, Mr. Lewison Omari arranged for me, at short notice (thank you), to join a 3-day safari, at an excellent price! I highly recommend EAT-Company for the best service for your climb or safari.

I recommend giving yourself a rest between climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and beginning your safari. I got back to the hotel at 3 PM, was briefed on the safari at 3:30, repacked my bag and was ready the next day. It was doable but quick. A little decompress time would have been nice.

Pack lighter than you planned. Safaris can be long days with lots of dust. If you have any back issues associated with sitting for long hours on bumpy roads, you need to advise your guides. Or you might consider a fly/drive safari. Driving between safari destinations was a bit grueling.

Traveling with Children:

Always get your guide’s phone number – you never know when you’ll need to speak with someone in the middle of the night.
If you’re traveling with young children, have plenty of activities planned for the car (we had an iPad holder which could connect to the headrest and our son could watch TV with headphones while we driving long stretches.)

The mountain is very dusty. Bring extra wipes for cleaning at the end of the day and maybe even paper towel to clean your gear. All the horror stories about toilets are indeed true. Remember to bring baby wipes and maybe air fresher to brave the toilets.

When climbing the Summit with children, remember the nights are very cold. Take extra precaution so the water bottle/hydration tube does not freeze. I used hot water which worked very well for me. Throw some hand warmers with camera batteries for summit ascent so the camera doesn’t die quickly at the top. Remember to enjoy your time at the summit and soak it in!!

Do not rush, and if possible take the extra day to help with the acclimatization process. If you leave Kibo for the summit by 11.00 PM, you will be able to get to the summit for dawn or get back down before it’s hot. The experience and judgment of your guide will be the most important component in determining your success and safety (so it is important to get a good one).

Don’t forget to pack:
Powdered drink mix to make the water taste acceptable
Mittens rather than gloves if you are prone to having cold hands in the winter
Chemical hand and foot warmers in case you have to spend time at Kibo waiting for the rest of your group to come back
Sunscreen and sun hat
Headlamps rather than flashlights
Plenty of layers for the final ascent since even though it starts our freezing, you get pretty hot once the sun comes out
Tons of hand wipes and tissues
A small quick-drying towel
A comfortable day pack