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The Machame course is known as the "whiskey path" in contrast to Marangu's "coca cola route". That is because Machame is a greater difficult path, and does now not have napping huts for accommodation. Machame is the second most famous direction of the mountain.

The trek starts off evolved in the south-west location of the mountain at Machame gate. The route takes six days minimum to finish, although seven days is usually recommended. The descent is down mweka, at the southeast side of the mountain. Due to the ascent inside the west and descent down the north, Machame gives exceptional vistas of Kilimanjaro. Moreover, Machame visits beautiful places along with Shira plateau, Barranco, and lava tower.

Machame is good for those who want an extra tough climb, and are assured of their ability to hike over extended durations of time on every so often steep terrain. Climbers using Machame place a top rate of assorted scenery, however also accept heavy visitors.

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Best Seasons:January to mid-March and June to January
Popular Location:Tanzania, Kilimanjaro


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