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Terms and Conditions  Service for East Africa Travel Company we accept bookings subject by considers the Terms and Conditions outlined herein.
East Africa Travel Company Terms and Conditions:
We accept bookings by considering these terms and conditions.


Terms and Conditions

We are East Africa Travel Company
Located in the United Republic of Tanzania, East Africa Travel Company is an East Africa tour operator.
Certificate of Incorporation: 205457
Number of the tax identification: 114-099-996
The Value Added Tax Payer registration number is 114-099-996
The registered address is P.O. 1 HAI, Bomang’ombe Kilimanjaro, HAI, Kilimanjaro,  The United Republic of Tanzania.

When do the terms and conditions apply?

As per these terms and conditions, East Africa Travel Company; further- “the Company”) is responsible for clients’ relationship with it. This is applicable in the following situations:
By booking directly with us;

Booking a visit through our partners acting as sales representatives;
When booking a visit with us directly or through one among our partners, which include various travel agencies and marketplaces, each side automatically complies with be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
These Terms and Conditions outline your rights and responsibilities when booking and participating in tours with us in Tanzania.

Warranty and representations

The following is warranted and represented:

We have all the necessary licenses and permits to organize and conduct Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions and wildlife safaris in Tanzania;
Over 10,000 people have been taken care of by them for their travel arrangements to Tanzania, making us experts with relevant knowledge and experience;
Our Kilimanjaro guides, wildlife safari guides, and consultants all have professional training in their fields.
The information we use in marketing and advertising is true and accurate. We don’t exaggerate or misrepresent anything in our product descriptions.
Our company is a tour operator, not an agency. All of our adventures are handled in-house by our team, with the only exception of accommodation in hotels that don’t belong to us and airline flights domestic and international.
Also, we guarantee and represent that your trip with East Africa Travel Company will positively impact Tanzania’s developing communities.
In addition to paying our local employees above the market average, we also actively support community development projects in Tanzania.
Among them are Treasures of Africa Orphanage, Upendo Face Orphanage Foundation in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W., and Frankfurt Zoological Society’s Serengeti De-Snaring Project.
We are environmentally friendly and have strict “leave-no-trace” protocols to cultivate sustainable tourism in Tanzania and preserve its natural heritage for future generations.

The treatment of your personal information

Your expedition arrangements will be handled by us with the assistance of certain personal information. This information includes your full name, age, nationality, passport information, diet, and medical details.
These details will be provided to the administration of the Tanzania wildlife areas for the processing of entry permits and to accommodation providers to ensure that your stay is comfortable.

Correspondence and communication

Please make sure that all communications with us are handled through the following channels:
In this domain zone, all email addresses are @eastafricatravelcompany.com
All phone numbers are listed on the East Africa Travel Company website, including WhatsApp
Online-chat on our website is another way to communicate
In the event that you think someone you’re in touch with is not a legitimate representative of East Africa Travel Company, please contact our founder Lewison at eastafricatravelcompany@gmail.com.

The booking and payment process

The booking process begins together with your email or calls to our offices. You will be assigned a private travel consultant, whose responsibilities include all communication with you, as well as planning and arranging all the details of your tour. Once all of the small print is prescribed, an invoice is going to be issued enabling you to form a deposit confirming your booking.
As soon as a deposit payment reaches our account, our travel consultant will inform you immediately that your adventure is confirmed. Depending on your tour type, we will set a deadline for when your deposit payment needs to be made.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing with our consultant, you must make full payment 14 days
before the scheduled departure date. All of our travel packages must be fully pre-paid.
The timing of payments is imperative since these funds are going to be used to cover hotel reservations and other tour-related expenses, which are largely prepaid in Tanzania. If you fail to make timely payments without notifying or arranging with our Company, your booking may be canceled.
A deposit made may also be forfeited according to our cancellation policy.
The transaction-related charges associated with your payments must be covered by you. Wire transfers require you to cover all bank commissions for both sender and receiver. The Mastercard surcharge will range from 3.5 – 5% for all or any payments.
Should your deposit and final payment to our accounts not be complete for any reason, we shall charge you the missing amount upon your arrival in Tanzania.

Minors’ participation

You must be of legal age (18 years or older) to book a wildlife adventure with East Africa  Travel Company. Bookings made by minors (those under the age of 18) can only be made by their parents, guardians, or legal guardians. The people who make the reservation holders accept these Terms and Conditions on their behalf, including the assumption of risk and limitations of liability.
At all times, minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult Client. Any damage that results from the Minor’s conduct is the Client’s responsibility. Though extra attention is always paid to children traveling with us, the Company provides neither child care nor chaperoning services.

We must approve all bookings made on behalf of a minor. Permits, approvals, and other legal requirements regarding the travel of minors to Tanzania are the responsibility of the accompanying adult. We are not liable for any failure to meet any requirements that could prevent the minor from entering Tanzania.
Bookings made by third parties (tour operators, travel agencies, etc.)
As a tour leader, travel agent, etc., you make reservations on behalf of others. You are therefore considered to be the contact person for each participant of the tour. In this case, you are responsible for:

Providing the other tour participants with the Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to them, we will assume that you have obtained the consent of all tour participants  to these Terms and Conditions and to the inclusions and exclusions of the tour package;
inaccessible due to poor weather conditions) requiring us to change your itinerary. Though rare, such cases are not to be ruled out and we shall endeavor to inform you of them promptly.

Changes because of third parties

The Company shall not be liable for any delay, disruption, damage, or loss outside of our reasonable control. These may include – but are not limited to – third-party actions, flight delays, and any events of a force majeure nature.
You or your insurance company will be liable to cover any expenses, such as extra accommodation and transportation expenses, caused by such change or disruption.


Paying on time and accurately;

Providing all the relevant information in a comprehensive and timely manner to the tour participants. If the dates or itinerary of the tour are to be changed, you will be responsible for notifying and obtaining consent from the participants;
Providing complete and accurate information about the tour participants in a timely manner. You are responsible for collecting such information and ensuring its accuracy. We will not be liable for any errors or omissions in such information.
The members of the group should communicate and book separately with us if they cannot accept responsibility for the above-mentioned.

The price

Our prices will not be changed once your reservation has been confirmed, except in the unlikely case that the government of Tanzania increases park fees, taxes, or other tourism-related payments. In this case, you will receive a copy of the relevant public notice right away. The following two options are available to you if the price increases:
– To cancel and receive a refund according to our cancellation policies;
Accepting the price change and paying the difference;

Changing the itinerary

Changes made by the client
Your itinerary can be changed at no charge if it does not result in additional costs for us. Such costs must be covered by the Client.
In the event that you choose to discontinue our tour, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you or your company will be charged any additional costs resulting from the decision to terminate our tour. Typical costs might include but are not limited to, transportation and accommodation.
You will not receive a refund if you fail to use any sightseeing, meal, or tour services on your own account.

Changes by the Company

While we do our best to ensure that your tour goes as planned, situations may arise (e.g. parts of the planned route becoming

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