Top KILIMANJARO SEARCH AND RESCUE we operate a Helicopter Search and Rescue service on Mount Kilimanjaro and also have the first ever high altitude medical clinic in Africa.


Top KILIMANJARO SEARCH AND RESCUE | East Africa Travel CompanyTop KILIMANJARO SEARCH AND RESCUE (Kilimanjaro SAR) specializes in Helicopter based Search and Rescue operations. In case of an emergency call our toll free number +255 800 713 713 and follow the steps below;

We EAST AFRICA  Travel Company provide the best preparation before your trekking to make sure you do have insurance to cover your emergency medical cost, This is the Top Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue for sure from the base camp

Furthermore, the insurance companies We recommend for our clients are;

  1. GLOBAL + rescue
  2. Allianz
  3. Ripcord

1. Gather Information

We’ll need to know about the person who needs assistance and where we can find them. Your guides will help as they have our checklists, if not our call-center is here to help. If your travel insurance covers medical evacuations up to 6000 meters above sea level, they will cover your costs.

2. Rely on us

Don’t worry. We have trained more than 400 guides in Basic Life Support and Helicopter Evacuation Protocols.

3. Call Our Toll Free Emergency Line

Our call center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are here to assist you. Help is near.

4. Help is on its way

Your well-being is our primary concern. Our emergency team is activated within  5 minutes of your call.


Top KILIMANJARO SEARCH AND RESCUE | East Africa Travel CompanyWe have hired some of the most talented medical professionals from around the world to participate in our rescue missions. All our expert pilots and medical staff are trained at the highest level in high altitude rescue and evacuation. We only work with the best.

I Highly recommend this, we had a client after summit to Uhuru peak; on the way down to Barafu camp he was exhaust,  feel horrible, then we went down and overnight at Millenium camp is the halfway instead Mweka camp, next day his condition wasn’t good so we call emergence, in 5 min helicopter and first aid team arrived, they check him and take off, in 10 more minutes  he was at hospital in Kilimanjaro town, it happens so fast,  I love it, this plan will keep you safe for sure