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Tanzania Wildlife Safari
Safari Tanzania

Tanzania Wildlife Safari: A Journey into the Heart of Nature

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Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Embark on a mesmerizing Tanzania wildlife safari with East Africa Travel Company. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, exploring diverse landscapes and encountering the majestic wildlife of Tanzania.


Discover the magic of Tanzania’s wildlife safari, where every moment is an adventure waiting to unfold. Join East Africa Travel Company as we guide you through the rich biodiversity and captivating experiences that define a Tanzania wildlife safari.

Unveiling the Tanzania Wildlife Safari Experience

East Africa Travel Company Overview:

Your Trusted Companion in Safari Adventures

Why Choose Tanzania for Wildlife Safari?

Nature’s Masterpiece Unveiled

The Itinerary: A Day-by-Day Adventure

Navigating the Splendors of Tanzania

The Diversity of Serengeti National Park:

Where the Wild Roams Free

Ngorongoro Crater: A Natural Amphitheater of Wildlife:

Witnessing the Circle of Life

Lake Manyara National Park: A Paradise for Bird Enthusiasts:

Beyond the Big Five

Unique Cultural Encounters at Maasai Villages:

Connecting with Tanzania’s Heritage

Accommodations: Where Comfort Meets Wilderness:

Luxury Amidst Nature

Expert Guides: Navigators of the Wild:

Unlocking the Secrets of Tanzania’s Fauna

Photography Tips: Capturing the Untamed Beauty:

Freezing Moments in the Wild

Conservation Efforts: Safeguarding Tanzania’s Natural Heritage:

Participating in Wildlife Preservation

Safety Measures: Your Well-being is Our Priority:

Ensuring a Secure Safari Experience

Customization Options: Tailoring Your Safari Dreams:

Crafting Personalized Adventures

Packing Essentials: Preparing for the Wilderness:

A Guide to Smart Safari Packing

Best Time to Visit: Navigating Tanzania’s Seasons:

Choosing the Perfect Safari Window

Local Cuisine Delights: A Culinary Safari Experience:

Savoring the Flavors of Tanzania

Tanzania Wildlife Safari for Families: Crafting Memories Together:

A Safari for All Ages

Thrilling Night Safaris: The Nocturnal Wonders Unveiled:

Exploring Tanzania After Dark

Safari Etiquette: Respecting Nature and Wildlife:

Guidelines for Responsible Tourism

Hidden Gems: Off-the-Beaten-Path Discoveries:

Unearthing Tanzania’s Best-Kept Secrets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Tanzania a Malaria Zone?

Tanzania is a malaria zone, and taking prophylactics is advised. Consult your healthcare provider before the safari.

What Animals Can I Expect to See in Serengeti National Park?

Serengeti is home to the Big Five—lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros—along with cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, and more.

Can I Customize the Safari Itinerary?

Yes, East Africa Travel Company offers customizable itineraries to suit your preferences. Contact our team to tailor your dream safari.

Are Night Safaris Safe?

Night safaris are conducted by experienced guides, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience in the nocturnal wilderness.

What Conservation Initiatives Does East Africa Travel Company Support?

We actively participate in wildlife preservation, supporting local conservation projects to safeguard Tanzania’s natural heritage.

How Can I Ensure Responsible Tourism During the Safari?

Respect wildlife and follow guidelines provided by your guides. Minimize your environmental impact and support local communities.


Embarking on a Tanzania wildlife safari with East Africa Travel Company is not just a journey; it’s an odyssey into the heart of nature. Revel in the untamed beauty, connect with diverse cultures, and create memories that will linger forever.

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Destination Tanzania Wildlife Safari
Arrival Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)
Departure Time Yes Require
  • Specialized Tour Guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance Fees
  • Box Lunch, Water, Dinner, and Snacks
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Drink
  • Tickets
Travel With Bus


Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, our team will pick you up and transfer you to Green Mountain Hotel in Arusha. You can relax and settle in at the hotel, preparing for your exciting safari adventure.
After breakfast, we will depart for Tarangire National Park. During the drive, you will enjoy the picturesque landscapes on the way to the park. Once inside Tarangire, you will embark on a thrilling afternoon game drive, where you can observe an array of wildlife including lions, giraffes, buffaloes, wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, and gazelles. The park is also a paradise for bird enthusiasts, with over 550 species, including the impressive Masai Ostrich. You will have a picnic lunch in the park and continue your wildlife exploration in the afternoon. Later, you will transfer to Marella Valley for a refreshing hot shower, followed by dinner and an overnight stay.
Start your day with an early breakfast at the lodge before heading to the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater. You will embark on a fantastic game drive within the world's largest unbroken caldera. Witness the abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery of this unique ecosystem. Enjoy lunch within the crater itself, surrounded by the natural wonders. In the late afternoon, you will depart for Serengeti Park, where you will continue your game drive. Dinner and overnight accommodation will be provided at Serengeti Wild Camp, allowing you to immerse yourself in the heart of the Serengeti.
Experience a full day of game drives in Serengeti National Park, renowned for its vast plains and extraordinary wildlife. Observe the diverse species that call this park home, including the famous Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino), and witness the natural wonders of the Serengeti. After an eventful day, return to your lodge at Serengeti Wild Camp for dinner and an overnight stay.
Following breakfast, you will depart from Serengeti National Park, enjoying an en-route game drive as you make your way back to Arusha. Delight in the wildlife sightings and cherish your final moments in the Serengeti. You will arrive in Arusha and be transferred to Green Mountain Hotel for dinner and an overnight stay.
On your last day, you will visit the Meserani Snake Park, located 25km west of Arusha on the route to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Explore the park through guided tours and get up close with some of the world's most dangerous snakes, such as the Black Mamba, Green Mamba, Egyptian Cobra, and Puff Adders. You can even hold a live snake and witness the crocodiles being fed. Additionally, enjoy a tour of the Maasai Cultural Museum guided by a Maasai guide. Take this opportunity to learn about the Maasai culture and support the local community's education at the Free Education Centre. After the visit, you will have lunch and spend some time in Arusha before being dropped off at the airport for your departure.
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