Travel FAQs Can I get a visa in Tanzania?
Yes, you may get a visa at primary airports and at border crossings, but try to get one in advance of time to make your entry into the country as clean as feasible.

Do you customize an excursion?

Sure, simply let us recognize what’s to your mind and we can put all together for you!

Can we go away excess luggage behind whilst on safari or Kilimanjaro?

Travel FAQs More luggage’s

More luggage’s can be saved in a locked storage room at your Moshi motel at no rate. Valuables have to be left in a safe deposit field at your inn in Moshi ($1/day)

I’m a solo (single) traveler, how am I able to be part of your tour?

We are able to add solo travelers to a set, or we can set up a personal journey for you. Kindly contact us to be had institution to sign up for.

Do you accommodate people with dietary restrictions?

Vegetarian and other special diets may be accommodated. Please let us know ahead of time. Protein alternatives can be minimal on a vegetarian eating regimen, so that you may additionally want to convey protein supplements.

How soon do I should e-book your excursion?

We advise reserving your journey as quickly as feasible. Hotels and tented camps on safari are booked quickly, so we want to reserve the ones earlier than they fill up. but, every so often we do have area last minute as well.

What immunizations/pictures are required?

Speak in your health practitioner approximately
•yellow fever
•hepatitis a
•hepatitis b
•mmr (measles, mumps, rubella)
•meningococcal meningitis (Africa/Asia)


How lots of money do I need?

finances not less than $2 hundred/character for suggestions for Kilimanjaro, $25-30/day for prices and guidelines on safari, and $20/day for different costs in Arusha/Moshi.

Do your Tanzania trips consist of any transfer for the ones arriving in Nairobi, Kenya?

No, however, we are able to schedule the transfer from Nairobi both with the aid of land or air for an extra rate.

What is there to do in Moshi? Is it secure to walk around by myself?

it’s miles safe to walk around the principle vicinity of town all through the day with valuables properly hidden, but it now not recommended to walk around at night time for your very own safety.

Can I get to Zanzibar after my safari/trek? Can you arrange that?

We can eBook your flights to Zanzibar from Kilimanjaro and your Zanzibar lodges.

All charge s via wire transfer to our account.

Tanzania safaris

While is the pleasant time to head?

Tanzania is high-quality to go to any time of year. the majority avoid the rainy months of April, might also, and November. Some human beings like to move during height migration season.

What is the migration?

The migration in East Africa is world-famed. Millions of wildebeests participate in the migration via Tanzania and Kenya. Loads of thousands of zebra join them. Even though lions and other carnivores do no longer migrate with the grazing animals, they banquet on them when their paths go.

Whilst is a nice time to peer the migration?

The exceptional time to peer the migration in Tanzania is frequently January-march and June-august. In Kenya, it is often great September- October. These also are the most famous instances to move, so that you will need to book well earlier. you may see an abundance of flora and fauna all 12 months spherical.

What’s the food like on the safari?

Inns and tented camps serve breakfast and dinner, normally buffet-fashion. lunches are often a field lunch eaten whilst in your sports drive.

What form of cars do you offer?

We use 4 or 7 passenger 4-wheel-drive land cruisers, all with viewing roofs for the safaris.

Are the publications on safari certified?

They’re certified, skilled, friendly, and have years of experience!

Are we able to buy extra bottles of water along the safari?

You could buy any liquids along your manner to the safari. There could be mini-markets in town.

Kilimanjaro mountaineering

Whilst ought to I go?

Kilimanjaro is climbable all yr spherical. the fine months to climb are December-march, and September- October, which might be the warmest and driest months. the subsequent first-class are June to August, however, they may be less warm. July, August, and September are the busiest months.

Summiting on or quickly after a complete moon could be very stunning and enables remove darkness from the panorama without using headlamps. but, it is also very vibrant for snoozing and stars are not as seen.

What is the weather like on Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Temperatures range from 25 to 30 levels Celsius at the foot of the mountain and -15 to -20 ranges Celsius on top plus wind sit back. Lower down, it can be wet and humid, but higher up, there can be snow. Rain and snow may be encountered any time of the 12 months

How difficult is it to climb Kilimanjaro?

it calls for no technical hiking enjoy, and any fairly in shape person can summit the mountain. However, for the majority, it’s far the maximum difficult thing they have got ever carried out.

Which course must I take?

your decision will depend on in which you need to sleep and the trekking distance every day and the variety of days of every direction. on the Marangu course, you sleep in huts with easy beds, while on all the different routes, you sleep in tents. There are two major routes at the mountain: the Marangu and Machame. you may additionally need to don’t forget the Rongai course as it is some distance much less traveled. The Lemosho direction is a superb preference in case you want a longer direction (eight+ days). None of these routes are technical.

How lengthy does it take to attain the summit?

It will depend on the route you pick and your tempo. it is able to take from 4-eight hours to reach the summit from the high camp.

How do I cop thee with the trade of altitude?

Constantly take into account to hold a sluggish, regular tempo from beginning to quit. Going slowly lets in the frame to acclimatize while trekking. People who start out too quickly could have issues higher up the mountain as the body will be overexerted. This nevertheless holds genuine in case you are spending an extra day on the mountain. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.

What shots must I get?

Talk to your physician approximately getting
•hepatitis a
•hepatitis b
•yellow fever
•mmr (measles, mumps, rubella)
•meningococcal meningitis (Africa/Asia)

Can kids climb Kilimanjaro?

The minimum age set via the countrywide park government for summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro is 12 years vintage. However, more youthful youngsters can attempt the summit with unique permission. More youthful children can also trek on the mountain without reaching the summit.

How big will my organization be?

Businesses are restricted to 10 human beings; however, they’re typically around 5 human beings. We are able to integrate businesses as much as this restriction if they’re beginning the equal route on the same day. But, we also can set up for personal corporations at no greater cost. We will try and upload single vacationers to a set if at all possible, but we cannot guarantee it. We also can accommodate big groups of any length.

How many guides, and porters and cooks will we get?

Anticipate 1 guide in step with 2 hikers, 1 assistant guide in step with 3 hikers, and 1 cook consistent with eight hikers. Porters as follows:
•2 porters per hiker on the five-day Marangu course and mt. meru (minimum of 4 porters)
•Three porters in step with a hiker on a 6 or 7-day trek (minimum of five porters)
•4 porters in keeping with a hiker on the 8-day Lemosho course (minimal of porters)
•occasionally extra porters are required based on the weight of the bags.

Are the courses educated in first useful resource and altitude sickness?

Kilimanjaro courses are educated in acute mountain illness (AMS) and fundamental mountain first aid. However, they are not medical doctors or paramedics. Climbers are answerable for bringing their personal first resource kit and clinical supplies.

Are the publications licensed/licensed?

Kilimanjaro guides are educated and certified by means of the Kilimanjaro national park. They start out as porters and work their manner as much as an assistant manual. When they may be ready (after about 2-4 years), they go through the national park certification system.

Do publications deliver mobile telephones or radios at the mountain?

Sure, all courses convey cell telephones, but reception on the mountain may be spotty.

What form of tents do you offer?

Our tents are 3-person 4-season dome-style mountain tents, two people every.

Will there be oxygen for our organization at the trek?

Ox meters are protected on all treks at no rate. oxygen is to be had for $30/group.

Will there be a hyperbaric pressure bag for our institution?

We will offer a hyperbaric bag for $120/institution.

What occurs if we one folk get ill and have to return in advance? is there an additional charge or is our cash back in case of illness or harm?

All climbers pay a rescue price to the Kilimanjaro national park (covered within the charge). If a consumer cannot stroll because they are injured or sick, the courses, assistant publications, and porters will help this climber down. There may be no extra rate for coming down and brought back to the motel, but you will not get cash returned for the mountain days you ignored, and you’ll be answerable for clinical assistance and extra inn nights. We highly advise travel coverage to cover any medical prices and in addition evacuation.

What extra fees am I able to assume after I journey with you?

More charges consist of:
•suggestions for courses and porters
•rental gadget (dozing bags, hiking poles, etc.)
•lunches, dinners, and drinks at your inn in Moshi/Arusha.
•any personal costs (visas, airport taxes, and many others.).

What kind of accommodation is to be had during mountaineering?

On the Marangu route, the first two huts sleep four humans each, and the last hut is dorm-fashion with bunk beds. Even as on the other routes, you sleep in three-character four-season dome-style mountain tents, humans each.

do you’ve got luggage (weight/length/quantity) barriers on your climbs?

The one percent that the porters deliver for you is restrained to 15 kg (35 kilos). Overweight or greater baggage would require an extra porter at $20/day plus guidelines.

Who prepares the meals on the mountain?

Your trekking celebration could be provided with a cook dinner to prepare your meals in a secure and hygienic manner.

What approximately drinking water?

The porters will purify water for you at every camp.

Can we buy drinking water/ soda on the Kilimanjaro?

You may be capable to shop for any beverages earlier than attending to the gate at local mini-markets in town. Sometimes there are drinks available at the lower camps, however, that provider is unreliable and highly-priced.

Can we bring something for the porters?

Donations are simpler to take with you while you tour to Tanzania as opposed to mailing them once you get lower back out of your journey. Porters welcome vintage trekking boots, warm garb, and cash donations.

Is it better to do a safari first….then the trek? or do the trek first?

Most of the people begin with the trek and quit with the safari, in order that they get achieved with the hardest a part of their experience and are able to relax on their safari. However, we can accommodate either order.